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In addition to our team development workshops, we also run workshops in schools, third-level institutions and arts venues focusing on mental skills training for performance enhancement. These workshops take place on an ongoing basis at various educational institutions and also by special arrangement. If you would like a bespoke workshop that accommodates your needs, do not hesitate in contacting us.

The Art of Mindful Performance


Introduction to mental skills training for performance

This workshop explores the fundamentals of ‘Mindful Performance’ such as imagery, self-talk, centering, pre-performance routines and many more practical tools and techniques to enhance your individual performance.

The Art of Mindful Performance for Young Performers and Students – exercises to train the mind to perform better.


Research indicates that mental skills training tools are most effective if they are implemented from the age of 11. This workshop explores easy and fun ways to incorporate mental skills training in order to help support the young performer reach his/her potential.

The School of Performance Outreach


Mental skills training can benefit individuals and teams in many different fields of work.

Strategies and performance tools used by top athletes and performing artists are just as applicable in other walks of life such as education, business and public speaking.

Mental Skills Training can particularly benefit individuals looking to manage their fear of public speaking, deal with exam preparation and stress, increase confidence and work on personal goals.

Contact us to discuss how we can help create your personalised School of Performance Mental Skills Training Plan.