High-Performance Coaching

Elite-level performers push themselves to perform at an extraordinarily high level. Whether they are performing on the stages of the greatest theatres or playing in orchestras/recording studios, elite-level performers find ways to push their bodies and minds beyond what the rest of us are capable of.

My High-Performance Coaching method explores the fundamentals of performance psychology such as imagery, self-talk, centering, mindfulness, pre-performance routines, and many more practical tools and techniques to enhance your individual performance. 

Sustainable improvements in how we respond to performance stressors result from daily drills, habits, and routines. My High-Performance Coaching services vary from 6-week intensive programmes up to 12-month highly bespoke coaching programmes. I will help you understand how your mind, body and being interact so that you can be fully present in your life and enjoy improved performance.

During your work with me, you will integrate small, simple, repeatable habits and routines into your daily life.  Each individual has different needs and wants and my aim is to design a roadmap for you to achieve optimal performance.

How we will work together

As a high-performance coach, I am committed to creating an environment where you can flourish in all areas of your life.

Together we will develop a bespoke plan that will enable you to respond rather than react to stressors related to your work and personal life. I will take you through exercises and strategies that will help you to perform productively in pressure situations.

I will help you:

  • To identify your values 
  • To perform productively under pressure
  • To set clear goals 
  • To build confidence
  • To incorporate mindfulness training in your daily life
  • To Incorporate imagery into your daily life
  • To establish pre-performance routines for stressful situations
  • To use simulation training as a tool for performance preparation
  • To incorporate mental skills training at work and at home
  • To embrace pre-performance butterflies
  • To learn how to get ‘in the zone’
  • To become resilient 
  • To flourish

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